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Theta Remedies

When the sun isn’t shining as bright as it should and the birds chirp off-key, Theta’s precious remedies might just be the things you need to push your balance back to the center. push your balance back to the center.

Divine Head Ritual

This royal mane treatment was given to Javanese princesses as part of their beauty routines.

Crème Bath Infusion

A glorious hair treat with crème so rich your hair will emerge gleaming with glee.

Tropical Dream

We adopt this ancient Eastern healing technique, focused on removing toxins and stimulating blood circulation

Jet Lag Regulator

Bring order back into your confused body clock with this quick re-balancer.

Sun Soother

Too much lying under the sun? Never fret, our Sun Soother treatment will have you up and running (or lying on the beach for that matter) again, in no time.

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