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As the first spa in Bali to combine an all-natural holistic approach of balancing the mind and body with fresh organic ingredients, proven techniques, smart ergonomic design, and a whole lot of smailing heart, Theta is the embodiment of the simple yet profound pursuit of happiness. Our science is simple: we use formulae that work for, and not against, your body. We never persuade, manipulate, or force. We gently coax, repair, and move in line with your needs to create the ultimate goal: balance.



Our dedicated therapists each underwent rigorous training to embody Theta as a whole, in technique as well as in way of thinking. Our massage and treatment techniques – starting from the sequence, ingredients, and way of applications – derived from time-tested rituals and therapeutic methods from all corners of the world including China, India, and Indonesia, are well-researched and simply but effectively work.

Theta Massages






Theta provides you with a sanctuary within which you can reclaim your body, mind, and spirit to ultimately achieve individual equilibrium. Your physique will benefit from our treatments, touch, we also aim to clear just an inch more of your mind. With each smile, we hope to soothe just a tiny bit of your spirit. With our attitude, we hope to bring you a little slice of peace and serenity. As such, what are our true benefits to your overall wellbeing? Endless and infinite, the final measure is entirely up to you.

A Little Shot of Theta

Eat, drink, and be Theta-ly merry. To complete your sensory experience, never will we forget that your thirst needs to be quenched, appetite fed, desire honored. As in all other aspects of Theta, your pleasure is our command. As an avant-garde new breed spa, Theta embraces your sense of fun by going against the zeitgeist. Never one to impose excessive propriety on our guests, we encourage a relaxed, laugh-out-loud, homey atmosphere. Wellness is a state of mind. Moderation is an art towards achieving balance.
In adherence to this belief, our unique saloon serves light beverages such as tea, coffee, fresh seasonal fruit juices,  champagne, and various cocktails, which can be enjoyed while receiving treatments. Life is more interesting with a little shot of Theta.

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a little piece of Theta

Want to extend your Theta experience further? Bring a little piece of Theta home with you. Our products are all based on the best nature has to offer.

  1. Theta leather and atta bags.
  2. Theta Sarong and slippers.
  3. Spa Products
  4. Soaps
  5. Accessories

More exciting products are coming your way, keep checking this page.

Should you wish to purchase any of our products, please call (0361) 755 726 or email us at

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