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Theta spa is a new breed spa, offering sensuous treatments without disrupting the natural order of things. We are the first spa in Bali that connects fresh herbs, seasonal produce, and organic pure essential oils with smart design and a whole lot of heart. Created to meet a growing market desire for a wellbeing and spa destination in an area convenient to the major hotels of Jimbaran as well as the Bukit Penninsula, Theta provides a contemporary designed exterior with a state of the art modern interior.

our treatment

Treat yourself with our Theta Spa Ritual and get lost in our delightful combinations of indulgences. For a completely decadent experience, close your eyes and simply float away.


Our dedicated therapists each underwent rigorous training to embody Theta as a whole, in technique as well as in way of thinking. Our massage and treatment techniques - starting from the sequence, ingredients, and way of applications - derived from time-tested rituals and therapeutic methods from all corners of the world including China, India, and Indonesia, are well-researched and simply but effectively work.


As the first spa in Bali to combine an all-natural holistic approach of balancing the mind and body with fresh organic ingredients, proven techniques, smart ergonomic design, and a whole lot of smailing heart, Theta is the embodiment of the simple yet profound pursuit of happiness. Our science is simple: we use formulae that work for, and not against, your body. We never persuade, manipulate, or force. We gently coax, repair, and move in line with your needs to create the ultimate goal: balance.

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